Monday, November 8, 2010

Wearing The Hijab is a Right for Every Woman

Wearing the hijab is not a responsibility, it's a right given by Allah

Wearing the hijab is a form of liberation for women. Men cannot judge a woman from her physical appearance when she's wearing the hijab. Therefore, indirectly forced them to judge the value of her personality, moral, and character. Wearing the hijab is not a responsibility. In fact, it's a right given by Allah not only to the Muslims, but to all the women in the world. It's a benefit, so every woman should actually get and wear it.

Many people who are not Muslim wonder if Muslim women are wearing the hijab everywhere. Of course not. Hijab is only used to cover women in front of men who are not direct relatives to prevent indecent acts or thoughts. The only men considered as direct relatives are father, brothers, and uncles. Hijab is not used when sleeping or when taking a shower.

Women feel modest and covered up when wearing the hijab. It shows self-respect, and in result, others will respect you. It also gives more self-confidence and you don't need to care about how you look. Hijab protects you from the fashion industry, liberates you from the media, freed you from brand poisoning and trends that tell you how you're supposed to look. Hijab allowed you to be who you are without having to worry about buying things that are 'cool'.

Hijab reveals who your real friends are. When people become your friend only because of the way you look, they are not your real friend. Looks can change in seconds, but not personalities. Wearing the hijab shows identity as you don't have to tell people you are a Muslim.